Monday, 25 June 2012

Whoooaaaa! Where have I been? haha. It's been a while since my last post, sorry for that, I've been mega busy!
I've been on a trip with the Nursery children from school today. We took them to Smithills Open Farm in Bolton Lancashire. It was fantastic! We were even lucky enough to see a calf being born! I'd recommend the farm to anyone with children under 12, although I'm a grown up and I liked it! Ha. There was one day old piglets, baby goats, reindeer, lots of small animals to hold in pets corner... I was desperate to bring 'Jelly' the 40 day old donkey baby home, he was just beautiful! 

I was also lucky enough to see the Olympic Torch pass the bottom of my road on Saturday! It was a great atmosphere. We'll not mention the football. Ahem.


I have been sorting and tidying again, and then buying more stuff to fill the gaps! I think I have notebook issues. In that, I keep buying them and not writing anything in them as I need to think of worthy entries! I have one lovely book that I fill with pictures, quotes, just about anything nice. One book that I fill with ideas for projects. Another with poems and song lyrics. A book of things that made me smile and one with pictures that I've printed from the internet that I love. I bought another at use for writing paper...but I quite like it as a notebook, and obviously I need another! I'm just thankful The Boy (my other half) made me put the other 2 that I'd picked up back!

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