Friday, 13 April 2012

OOo so it's Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? I'm not...touch wood! haha. I am actually, I get if from my Grandma, she was really superstitious.
Okay so a couple of things to report today. The nice postman has just brought me 2 parcels, not as pretty as yesterday's booty but very much needed. A new battery for my Macbook. (I got a message saying REPLACE NOW OR IT'LL BLOW UP...ok, ok maybe not the blow up bit!) and some new memory for my Mac that I am going to fit myself. Eeek. Question is people, do I do it on Friday the 13th? 

The other bit of news, which I'm a bit excited about is I had a slight epiphany last night, well 1am this morning actually. I've come up with a project that will enable people to buy some of my photographs and own a bit unique work. I'll tell you more when I'm nearer starting it, but the project will be called Project 31 and I might post a preview of one of the photographs I will be using later, assuming I haven't destroyed my laptop. 

The camera calls I must be off. Mmm...what image can I leave you with today... my photo of a single Magpie to prove I'm not superstitious! (eeeekkkk....Aye, aye captain! Good morning Mr Magpie!)

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