Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ooo.... Project 31 is well on its way! Ok so I'll tell you what it's about...
I've just ordered some photographic postcards. I will be selling them on Etsy, there are 4 category's each with 5 images. Only 31 of each image will be printed, so whoever buys a set will be buying a unique piece of my photography. (Which you can sell for millions if I ever become famous and marry George Clooney! haha) I might be biased, but I'm also super self critical and even I like them so they must be quite good! Each set will be wrapped in a totally unique way. I wont packaged any two the same.

Uses for Project 31 cards: send to friends, frame, stick on the fridge, use as bookmark, collect, birthday/Christmas/'I'm sorry I ran over your dog' present, posh shopping list.... the list goes on. 
Project 31 is so called due to the fact I am in my 31st year and I wanted to start a project to mark it. 

Anyway I'll post back here as soon as they go on sale! Wish me luck.

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