Monday, 14 May 2012

Hello peeps! Have you all had a nice weekend and Monday? (boo!) 
I went to Ikea this weekend in order to bring order to my life and my office! I LOVE Ikea! I cheap? And how did I get by in life without all this stuff that I did not know I needed but could not possible live without!? 
I bought a Billy bookcase which is now holding the majority of my creative 'stuffs' in boxes, baskets, bags and jars. I also bought a funky little table as I never sit at a desk, always on the floor in front of the radiator - I'm always cold. Of course, I had to buy a new lamp for the table and cushions for the floor, and 3 beautiful old fashioned perfume bottles that are in no way related to the office! Ahem. 
I spent waaaayyy more than anticipated! Damit! I shall take pictures of all my Ikea wonders soon and post.

I spent Sunday watching the Grand Prix with the Boy. I am a huge F1 fan. Jenson Button is my man, my Boy cheers for Lewis Hamilton, so as you can imagine we have quite a rivalry going. Anyway it was not a good result for my guy. :( (Boo hiss!) 
I've been looking for a new camera. I'm so baffled by everything and the prices....! Eek! I picked my camera up for the first time in ages and set about taking some shots of the Boy. Much to his annoyance...

Cute isn't he?! Have a terrific Tuesday people. I'm in Nursery all day tomorrow with the little ones. I'll have a headache by lunch then....! haha.

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