Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday is done! And it's been a warm one here in the North of England. 

Has anyone been watching The Voice UK? I've become quite addicted. Mainly because Danny is pretty and Will. I. Am. is hilarious, but I was most disappointed that David Julien went home this weekend :( I thought he was a phenomenal singer. So my allegiance will now how to lie with Tyler James in Will's team. I've been listening to some of his songs from an album he did some time ago. I love it. This is a great song, good summer vibe!

So Youtube-ing is one of my favourite pass times and this weekend during a major YT sesh I found the most catchy, cute song that I put to one of the teachers at school and we have decided to incorporate it into our leavers assembly at the end of the year! I can't wait to teach the kids the words and guess's Will. I. Am.! :) 

Don't you think it's just the most amazing song? LOVE it! 

I also found another Will. I. Am. clip (I'm obsessed I know) and I watched this one approximately 30 times because it made me grin 'till my face was sore. I'll leave you with this clip to cheer your Tuesday! Have fun in the sun guys and gals!

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