Thursday, 19 April 2012

The project 31 cards came today! I love them. I really hope other people do too. :-/ It's always nerve wrecking selling your own work. If nobody buys it you take it kind of personally.

Friday again tomorrow. Yey! I work in the school office on a Friday with a good family friend. We usually end up in hysterics at some point. I love laughing...especially on a Friday!

I promised you 2 images for my next post so i'll choose two photos that make me laugh. The smug little face of this sculpture that I found in a Jazz bar in Santorini. I love it! Look at that mush!

....And look at this Prairie Dog! For those of you from the UK that have seen 'Walk on the Wild Side' you will know that he's shouting for his friend "Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan!"

Have lots of laughs this Friday friends. There's enough doom and gloom in the world. Make it Friday's mission to find something that makes you giggle and guffaw, chuckle and chortle. Happy Friday!

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