Tuesday, 17 April 2012

So I returned to work after the Easter break yesterday (I work in a school) and have ended up asleep in the chair as soon as I've got home! We've changed the topic to 'Space' so I am currently trying to put a rocket up and planets in the role play area! There aren't Enough hours in the day unfortunately! The next task, which I'm looking forward to, is changing 3 big boards to a 'celebrating Britain in 2012' display. I'm hoping to get the kids to paint London icons and Olympic sports etc. and I've got some lovely bunting to add. I really love doing displays and the children get so much from them. Anyway I'm off to finish some work, I can't even supply you with an image today because I'm on my iPad and can't work out how to o it! Doh! I'll post 2 images tomorrow to make up for it! Have a happy tomorrow peeps!

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